NEW - Bypass Jumper CablesCustom Optical Probe

We provide Bypass Jumper Cables with #4AWG cable and push-on style terminations fitted with Garolite insulator. For more information follow this link  for ByPass Jumper Cables or Call today.


The OptoCord IEC and Custom Cable AssembliesCustom Optical Probe

We now provide both ANSI and IEC versions of our USB wired optical probes. Ask about our custom assembly capabilites - coiled cords, Hirose or DB9 serial connectors, special lenghts.


The OptoBlue

Check out our new USB adapter - The OptoBlue. If your having troubles with Bluetooth or you just want a simpler setup this is the solution for you! CLICK HERE for more information.


OptoWave - High Quality, Easy to Use!

Have you ever seen a new product and thought to yourself, "Why didn't I think of that?" or "They should have done this years ago.".  Well those are the responses we get when people first see and use our wireless optical meter probe. The OptoWave wireless probe is a simple solution to a complicated problem. And now its available for you. - Convenience, ease of use, and reliability ready for you.



  • No cables to break, tangle or tie you down
  • Proven robust Wireless Bluetooth Technology built-in
  • 30 to 300 foot range to allow maximum mobility and flexibility
  • High-tech Lithium Ion AA batteries provide long life and easy replacement
  • 5 LED's provide useful status and feedback information
  • Compatible with Windows 98, 2000, and XP. For Windows Vista... CALL
  • Proprietary microprocessor based operating system
    • Firmware updates to add new features and new protocols


  • Click here to access to our ONLINE Instruction Guide


  Our first goal is to improve safety for both you and your equipment.

  Our next goal is to improve reliability.

  Our third goal is to add features.


Never Tried a Wireless Probe?  Well you are missing out on a better way to probe. Don't be tied down - GO WIRELESS!


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Wireless Probing?


  -Eliminate Cable Clutter
  -Protect your laptop
  -Increases Efficiency
  -Improve Safety
  -Avoid The Weather
  -Improve Reliability
  -Enhance Convenience
  -Add Features
  -Reduce Problems

Need a wired probe? We sell those too!